Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1

Hard to believe it is December and in 30 days we will ring in a new year.

Today will be filled with chores that should have been done about a month ago but somehow life got in the way.  Must put away the pool filter, and make sure cars are prepared for the colder weather heading our way.

I have been busy inside turning the train room into a studio.  Every day I do some more rearranging.  It is a bit sad that a 15x18' room doesn't quite hold all my goodies.  Does this mean I am a major hoarder - yep it sure does.

Of course once I get all the trains boxed I can add some shelves for my storage cabinets and that will give me a lot more room.  It just takes time and energy - the energy part seems to be the problem at the moment.

Well perhaps I will post some pics tomorrow after I upload them from my ipad & camera.

Off to get lots of things done today.