Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another gorgeous saturday

And an extremely wonderful day for me.  Finally heard from that special someone so I am gliding on air for sure.

Vixen and I are just sitting around drinking coffee.  I get the coffee and she gets to clean out the creamers, her mini treat for the day.

A very dear friend (she is like a mother) and I are going to hit some thrift shops.  Who knows what we might discover on our adventures.

Yesterday I got a lead on someone who might be able to help me sell off my train collection.  As sad as it is to do I will always have my memories and it would be nice to know someone else is enjoying them as much as my late husband & I did.  Of course I will keep some of my favorites and those with special times attached.  I have to say that there are trains or related things in just about every room of the house except the bathrooms, although I used to have a train clock before the remodel.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get my creative juices flowing and if I don't make anything at least get some pictures posted of some cool items I have come across.  I've said this before but working full time and taking care of a big house and yard isn't easy on one person but maybe I will get to retire in the next couple of years and enjoy my crafting.

Well so much for Vixen being quiet.  Guess her limit is about 10   but life without my girl would be so lonely - who needs quiet anyway...

Hoping everyone has a super weekend and to those who have husbands or dads still with you be sure to wish them a super Father's Day tomorrow.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2 in one day...

Well over the weekend I did a small yard sale with some friends and almost bought more than I sold but did get some fantastic deals.

29 china/cups saucers plus  a few other knick knacks for $10.  6 silver plate spoons (hope to make them into rings one day), 2 containers of old buttons, antique lace table scarves, table covers, aprons and an antique fishing tackle box I plan to clean up and use for storing some metal pieces (or to carry tools to use when I go to the beach).  One of the full aprons will be designated for my colorization processes.

The weather here has been gorgeous but according to the report the hotter weather is on its way.

Can't wait to try out my jewelry display idea.  I am doing a flea market on saturday and want to use it to display some earrings & necklaces.

Also a couple of weeks ago I purchased 12 Hall Irish Coffee mugs off ebay for 99 cents.  My deal of the

This morning took a pic of my flag pole with its owl (Mr Hootie) guarding his domain.  He was a favorite of my late husbands and thought it appropriate for him to watch over me.

Well time to get ready for my night out with friends.  Thanks goodness this week is almost over


finished corkboard storage display

 Been awhile since I have been on and do plan to get better.  I had Lowe's cut a 4x8 sheet of plywood into 1 ft sections and I painted the rough side (back), then glued 4x8 cork board squares onto the smooth side.  I will be able to use them for mobile display or when my train room transformed into my studio hang them on the walls.  It was pretty easy.  Now I am trying to figure out how to make them free standing

More on that later...
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