Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pantone Bead Swap

Well I am finally getting around to posting the pics from my partner, Fen Li of Bead Flora

This is the close up view of my goodies

Here is the overall picture

Of course my picture taking skills sure need to be improved but practice makes perfect.  Now to see what I will create with my goodies.

You can find Fen's blog @ beadflora.wordpress.com

Thanks for looking

Saturday, September 22, 2012

From a train room to a studio

Before my husbands passing in 2001 we added a room onto our home because of our love of toy trains.  The room is 15x18 with a bay window looking out at the pool and creek, 2 regular windows near the end of the room,  plus 2 sky lights giving the room plenty of natural daylight.

I kept the room pretty much as is until earlier this year when I finally decided to sell off the trains and convert the room to my studio thereby having all of my jewelry making paraphernalia in one central place.

Phase 1 in full motion today.  Now I need to start putting the trains that have boxes together and store until I can get them photographed.  Still not sure if I will use ebay, craigslist or local train shows.  It will be a major undertaking as I am finding trains everywhere in this house.  Of course there are some that have quite special memories and will remain on display.

At first I was going to sell the 2 tables that made up the layout (each are 4x8) then thought no I will use them as my work tables.  I have stools I can use since they are higher than a standard table or I can stand if need be.

With the natural light from the sky lights perhaps my photographing skills will improve.  The room also has a pretty strong exhaust fan so that will also help when baking my polymer clay.

It will be a lot of work but when its done I think it will be well worth the time and effort.  The tops are just plywood so I think I might do what B'sue has done for her worktables and try some collage and then polyurethane.  The tables were built on site so if I ever decide to get rid of them there will have to be a dismantling party.

getting out of my rut

Having family and friends that love you are the most important things in life.  It has been a rough couple of months but I do believe I am moving ahead.

Work being done on turning the train room into my studio.  Slow but with cooler weather setting in the outside work will be less and less.

Did my first bead swap and tomorrow will post pics along with my partners blog.

Today I bought the most unusual focal bead and will post pics as soon as it arrives.

Setting up my new coffee maker so I can give my old one to my nephew who is in the middle of a separation.  Actually it is helping me to de-clutter or destash whichever word you choose to use.

Tonight there might be some steamed crabs on the table.  I am a true marylander and crave the little critters.

Indian summer is upon us today although it is supposed to be 70 tomorrow.  I am having such a hard time closing my pool because I hate for summer to end although I do love fall and the first week of Nov is vacation in Ocean City Md.

Well got to do a few more chores.

Have a wonderful day.