Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2 in one day...

Well over the weekend I did a small yard sale with some friends and almost bought more than I sold but did get some fantastic deals.

29 china/cups saucers plus  a few other knick knacks for $10.  6 silver plate spoons (hope to make them into rings one day), 2 containers of old buttons, antique lace table scarves, table covers, aprons and an antique fishing tackle box I plan to clean up and use for storing some metal pieces (or to carry tools to use when I go to the beach).  One of the full aprons will be designated for my colorization processes.

The weather here has been gorgeous but according to the report the hotter weather is on its way.

Can't wait to try out my jewelry display idea.  I am doing a flea market on saturday and want to use it to display some earrings & necklaces.

Also a couple of weeks ago I purchased 12 Hall Irish Coffee mugs off ebay for 99 cents.  My deal of the

This morning took a pic of my flag pole with its owl (Mr Hootie) guarding his domain.  He was a favorite of my late husbands and thought it appropriate for him to watch over me.

Well time to get ready for my night out with friends.  Thanks goodness this week is almost over


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