Saturday, August 4, 2012

Finally back

Too many things going on in my life and sadly I stopped writing but plan to do better going forward.  I have made some items in polymer clay and might get them photographed and posted.  I am just not a good photographer but guess you can't improve unless you keep trying.

Had a fairly good day, got some things done, drove the vette even though it wasn't as clean as it should be.  This hot weather has not been good for me getting outside things done.  Might be something to do with my age.

I seriously need to get my beading room straightened up.  I can't find anything but not sure how I want to re-organize.  Guess I am a hoarder but I like to think of it as my stash for retirement.

Well guess I will see what I can get into later this evening.

Good Night to all

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