Sunday, October 21, 2012

I survived the pool closing...

Yesterday the plan was to close the pool so I was skimming the leaves and somehow, after 35 years, lost my balance and fell in.  I came out wet but fine.  The funny part was that I had pulled the ladder out earlier in the week so luckily my neighbor was outside and came to my rescue.  The water temp wasn't even that cold.

As you can see there is a deck all around the pool and a railing.  I think the deck was wet and my shoe stuck and the rest is history.

Now for some news on my studio.  I have actually cleaned off one of the tables and can begin to start loading some items.  Think the clay over will be one of the first since it will be getting too chilly in the basement where I have it now.  Most likely the move will get me re-started on my clay adventure.

Well need to get ready so I can help a dear friend get down the steps to head for a Drs appt.  She is almost 90 and is having trouble walking.  She is just the dearest person and I pray this Dr. can help

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