Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

and all is good with the world.  This weekend I will finalize my taxes and get papers organized.

Want to start uploading some pics and maybe even video's to my blog or at least to youtube.  It just takes time and taking care of a yard in springtime can be quite daunting but I consider it a challenge.  Keeping the stuff running is my problem.  Everything seems to run out of gas or string right when you only have a couple more feet to the finish line.

Received my rubber stamps from Stampers Best and they really seem quite nice.  Might try playing around with them over the weekend.

Had an idea for hanging chain or necklaces.  Took a piece of chair molding, drilled holes, added cup holders and hung it on the wall.  Two days and it isn't full yet.  Then I had a towel rack my son had made in high school that wasn't being used since I remodeled the bathroom last year.  It has a nice shelf for storage and I hung strung beads on the bar since it is easy to remove the towel bar.  Of course the cup hooks are not evenly spaced (my late husband is probably cringing) but since I am a free spirit they look just fine to me.

I am finding that when I put things in containers I kinda forget about them.  I do the same thing with files etc.  I work well with piles of paper on my desk.

Now off to Big Lots & the Dollar Tree to see if I can find any goodies

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