Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday before blog hop

Well I am looking forward to the messy workshop blog hop.  Will be my first ever so hope it all goes as planned.  Just took some pics with a new camera so going to upload one of my dog Vixen to see how it looks.

After taking the pictures I realize I have some major organization to take care of - soon.  But in my defense I do have a full time job and large house & yard to maintain but I am a born clutter bug. LOL

 Vixen still - unusual
 Vixen in my bed - no sense making the bed with her around
Vixen posing - I must be getting better with the camera - she never sits still

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  1. Hi there just wanted to stop by and say thanks for sharing your blog and workspace with all of us. Your work room is enormous, I love the way you display your chains and all your storage containers. I especially love your guard puppy...He is on the job guarding all your beading items. Your Jewelry is gorgeous also and I can't wait till I have a pile of tools and gilders paste one day...Thanks again bye for now and Happy beading