Monday, April 23, 2012

yucky monday

Weather not too great but we need the rain.  I washed my vehicle on saturday so that pretty much guarantees something will fall from the sky.  At least it wasn't snow.  Was thinking maybe I could make some extra money by being a "rain woman".  Get paid to bring on the rain by washing my car...LOL

Today was pretty busy at work and then I got a package from Stampers Best.  I just love their free gifts.  I ordered the storage sheets and put them in a binder today.  Looks like I will need a bigger binder.

My dog Vixen has been an absolute tyrant today.  She doesn't like the rain and has an abundance of energy (sometimes I wish I had half of her energy).

Should be getting some goodies from B'sue this week.  I keep telling myself I need to stop buying and then I find more cool stuff.  No plans for this weekend so I will sit myself down and start creating.  Once I get started the time just flys by.

Going to set up a mini photo studio.  Bought it a couple of years ago and I must have misplaced the directions when I opened it but went on you tube and found out what I need to do.  Got a new Nikon Coolpix and can't wait to see what kind of pictures it takes.  Sadly I am not a good photographer but maybe with practice I can improve

Well time to call it a day...

Happy Crafting....

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