Thursday, April 26, 2012

Twas the Night Before the Messy Workshop Blog Hop

And I am so looking forward to seeing everyone's creations and work space.  I'm sure I will get plenty of ideas.  Just wish I wasn't so tired after working all day and our weather has been crazy to say the least.

One days it feels like summer and the next it feels like winter.  It is still a bit too chilly to work with the polymer clay because I will not turn the heat back on...Yep I am getting cheap in my old age.

I have someone telling me she needs to go out and then think I will go to bed early.  Friday mornings are very busy so I won't get to see too many blogs till later in the day.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Man, are you ever hooked on jewelry making!! My work area is 3 shelves of a bookshelf and one wicker bin on the bottom shelf. I'm not as enthusiastic as you are - I mainly make earrings & necklaces for myself and as gifts. Kelli has gotten a little more into it - making rings & beautiful necklaces that she's sold on Etsy! I keep wanting to sell my house so I can downsize to a 2 BR condo with a den - you can guess what the den will be used for!! Good for you, girlfriend - hobbies and dreams get us through the days and nights!

  2. Holy Cannolli do you have a lot of creative stuff!! Wow!! Thanks for sharing all of its wonderfullness. Warmly, Tracy