Friday, April 27, 2012

Messy Workshop Blog Hop

First you need to know I live alone so no one can tell me to straighten up my mess etc.  While it is somewhat lonely I have a 5 yr old Red Doberman named Vixen who keeps me company.  I really never crafted in my younger days except for maybe some crocheting so I had some things on my bucket list and am doing them now.   Eventually I hope to sell some items but this is what I want to do when I retire.  Might even become a gemologist.  I buy things now while I'm working, they don't go bad (or at least I hope not) eventually might take a gemology course

My girl Vixen - helps me when I work
So here are the pics of my mess work areas....

re purposed clothes rack (no longer used after I remodeled my bathroom) but couldn't throw away 

Chair molding with cup hooks for chain storage 

Main work table upstairs in one of the bedrooms

Some of my tools

 side table with bead storage underneath

More storage

Bedroom, forefront is crystal clay and see beads, back is misc  

One of my first necklaces, love black & white

 Bookcase in bedroom, sorry couldn't get the darn thing to straighten up 

 Yep, more beads and a microscope

More storage and you can bet they are ful
Some supplies, gemstones, vintage jewelry, scarf clips and who knows what else 

Can you believe more beads....

My first earrings, asymmetrical  but just not in time for last months challenge 

 Scarf clips and an adorable kitty cat

 Overall view of my basement metals table

This is not an auxiliary B'sue warehouse but I do love that green patina 

Side view of my metals table with inks and other goodies

Rhinestones from B'sue

 Gilders paste from B'sue

My Sizzix machine anxiously waiting for the new embossing folders from B'sue

 Temporary storage

This had been my late husbands work table but it has been temporarily seized for my polymer clay 

 Downstairs table for resin, paper, paper beads, and polymer clay molds 

I have vintage jewelry stored in bags in my hallway - I kept tripping over them in the bedroom and closets are full

Jewelry under cover to keep the dust away.  Dresser is of course full of goodies too 

My train room which one day could become my studio

Re purposed towel rack from my remodeled bathroom made by my son in high school


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  1. WOW! Lots of wonderful goodies! What does Vixen think of the "Kitty"? And the toilet paper rolls....hmmmmm.

  2. Way cool! Vixen is beautiful. Gemologist has been one of my goals. Just finally getting around to it also.

  3. Wow you have a lot of space! And I love your tools! I know I have more tools than my husband does.

  4. Wow, girl, for someone who is doing this for the pure joy....well, you sure have spread the joy around! You have a MAD amount of stuff! What fun, good for you, may all your creative dreams come true! XOXO B'sue

  5. Wow, you have some very creative organization ideas there. Might have to steal a couple of them.

  6. Finally someone with a doggy! hahaha, I love cats, but is nice to see a cute dog like yours. And I love how much space you have! nice mess!

  7. Nice stuff! Wish I had some of it. Haven't tried gilder's paste yet. No where to put it right now. Guess I need to clean up and find a place. Love the green patina findings as well.

  8. Wow I love all your stuff. Totally awesome! I really like the way you did the chain! I need to do that when I get some more chain!

  9. Wow,for the amount of stuff you have it's really well organized - great tour!

  10. Loved it! A bounty of supplies and stations! I am so borrowing your cup hook chain storage idea, too - that is brilliant. :-)

  11. Wow - the last blog I visited I had chain envy... now I have tool envy, or is it Gilder's paste envy, or sheer volume envy! Enjoy your new hobby - the black/white necklace looks great! ~~T

  12. Okay.. totally love that molding with cup hooks idea... so considering doing that ... except..I have no place to hang it >.< lol

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed this mess. A very organized workspace. Love those earrings Je'taime :) Lots of beautiful things I bet come out of this space. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow, you have your own bead supply shop. I don't think it's messy though, but great that you can have everything out at your fingertips to work with.

  15. I can't believe with all those supplies you don't sell what you make! I did laugh at the sideways bookshelf..thought maybe you had some kind of anti gravity magic to get those boxes to stay put like that ;)

  16. You have a bead store, too! Can't wait to see what you create when you have more time. I also related to the fact that you do a lot of different things. Gives you more choices, right?

  17. Please more show and tell. You have serious supplies going on here. And I liked your polymer clay space. How much room do the polymer clay tools take? I enjoyed your organization. You are on your way!

  18. That is a lot of love how you have specific spots for different techniques. The idea of the cup hooks is great, I will have to try that, and you sure do have an amazing plier collection. Thanks so much for sharing your space.

  19. I love Vixen~~~what a pretty companion. I love how you use your space. We have a lot in common with what we have on hand and how we store it....I too am always tripping over a large collection of vintage jewelry~ Thank you for sharing!

  20. Loved visiting your space! You have some great storage spaces in there!!! My favorite is that couch! Love it!!! You have a wonderful array of tools and materials! I really enjoyed the tour!!! *pets Vixen on the way out* =)

  21. You win for most stuff! LOL - that's the thing about living alone, as you and I do, as you said - no one's bugging you to clean it up. Thanks for sharing, and may I come shop at your house? ;)

  22. I think you may qualify as an auxiliary warehouse for B'sue! I love your space, and the train room is so cool. Vixen is beautiful, give her a hug for me. I have two basset hounds and 4 cats. They all try to help me (or at least watch).

  23. I love your creative storage ideas! I especially liked the chair molding with cup hooks idea, I may have to do up one of my own since I have very limited space. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  24. Wow - you have a lot of stuff, and it is well organized! I'd love to have that amount of space. Looks like you really do qualify as an auxillary B'Sue warehouse! :-) Thanks for the cool tour and pet Vixen for me.

  25. Looks like you have taken over everywhere - I like that!
    Love your basement metals table!