Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gorgeous saturday

Heading to Mt Joy Pa for a cousin's baby shower.  Washed my vehicle this morning so for sure it is going to rain but I don't care it was just way too dirty.

Got some jewelry from a friend who has an ebay site.  Several were marked, one was a Trafari, another a Danecraft Heart pin (gold filled), and a Dante pearl tie tack.  Got the whole batch for less than $6.  Not sure but I think the pearl could be genuine.  

It is fun going through my collection and looking for marks.  I plan to take pictures and most likely sell them.

Tomorrow I plan to start filming my messy workshop video then help good friends set up their computers.  Seems funny for me to be helping when I always thought I was computer challenged.  Big thing is to not panic and wait for it to do its thing.  I don't have an abundance of patience but way better than I used to be yrs ago.

Time to get ready for my trip

Enjoy the day and remember it really is the simple things in life that are important


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